Hearing Loss Questionnaire

Do you have hearing loss?
Take the self test below to find out.

1. Do you often ask others to repeat themselves?
2. Have your family and friends expressed concern about your hearing?
3. Does background noise interfere with your ability to follow a conversation?
4. Do you avoid crowded places like restaurants, theaters and parties because of difficulty hearing in these places?
5. Do you keep the volume on your TV or radio louder than others would prefer?
6. Do you have a problem hearing over the telephone?
7. Do you have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time?
8. Do you have to strain to understand conversation?
9. Do you have ringing in your ears?
10. Do many people seem to mumble?
11. Do you have trouble understanding the speech of women and children?
12. Do you misunderstand what others are saying and respond inappropriately?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should consider a hearing consultation or testing.

We recommend you consider speaking with a specialist and think about having professional testing done. You can contact us to discuss the results of your questionnaire, if you have questions, or to set up an appointment.

For more information on our services, call our office to make an appointment.

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