Digital Hearing Aids

Lake Mary Hearing Center offers comprehensive hearing aid services. We fit conventional and digital hearing aids. We offer consultation, fitting and programming of hearing aids, repairs, earmolds, batteries, and other hearing aid supplies. We work with all styles of hearing aids including specialty hearing aids like CROS and BiCROS.

Hearing aids are used to amplify sound for an individual with hearing loss. Hearing aids are available in different sizes and styles. Hearing aid technology can be conventional (analog), programmable, or digital. The main difference between conventional hearing aids and digital hearing aids is how the hearing aid processes the sound. A conventional hearing aid picks up sound and amplifies all sound equally. This can cause the user to hear distortion on loud sounds. A digital hearing aid picks up the sound and amplifies accordingly for different frequencies.

All hearing aids come with a 30-day adjustment period. If you find the hearing aids unsatisfactory for any reason, you may return the aids in good condition within 30 days of your fitting. You will receive a refund for the amount of the hearing aids less a $200 dispensing fee per aid. Hearing aids have either a 1 year or 2 year warranty, depending on the manufacturer; during the warranty period any visits relating to the hearing aid are covered. Once outside the warranty period, charges will incur for such visits.

Hearing Aid Styles

p-digital-hearing-aid-open-fitOpen Fit: These are very small behind-the-ear hearing aids. Sound travels from the device through a small tube to a small speaker that sits in the ear canal. They are best for someone with mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss. They are generally for people who want a device less visible and that doesn’t plug up the ear.
p-digital-hearing-aid-behind-the-earBehind The Ear (BTE): These hearing aids include a component that sits behind the ear and conducts sound into an earmold that fits in the ear canal. They are used for all types of hearing loss and all ages. These are the most visible type of hearing aids and can be the most powerful and easiest type to adjust.
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