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An estimated 40 million Americans (20% of the population) have some type of allergy. Allergies often first appear in childhood, but may not manifest until later in life. Many people think of allergies as only watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing. However many other problems may be caused by an underlying allergy. Often times asthma, sinus infections, eczema, hives, chronic cough, headaches, ear infections and Meniere’s disease may have an underlying allergy component.

We are the leading center in Central Florida for the testing & treatment of allergies. Because our allergy program is one of the most modern, we attract patients from all over the state of Florida. We are able to diagnose and treat all types of allergies affecting the ear, nose and throat system, as well as the overall body. Our services will improve or possibly even cure many chronic conditions such as eczema, asthma, headaches, recurrent ear infections, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis.


Dr. Cecelia Damask sat down with WESH 2’s Stewart Moore to talk about the best strategies for fighting allergies, click here to watch video.

We offer a variety of options to explore, from managing your symptoms to treating the root cause of your allergies through immunotherapy.

We can help you explore the benefits of each so you can choose the treatment that is best for you.

Schedule a consult with Dr. Damask so she can develop a custom allergy treatment plan and help you say goodbye to sneezing, wheezing, blowing you nose, coughing and scratching!!

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Schedule for Injections and Drops

We ask that you wait 30 minutes after receiving your injection to check for any reactions.

If you are sick with a fever, too sick to go to work or go to school, do not come in for your allergy injection or testing. Call the office at 407-829-8981.

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