Allergy Drops Treatment

How do allergy drops work?

Allergy drop treatment works similar to shots by delivering a slowly increasing dose of physician-prescribed antigen that over time builds the body’s tolerance. The difference is that the drops are placed under the tongue and affect the immune system through very specialized cells found there. Research shows these cells are a friendlier and more effective route for long-term desensitization, making it an ideal option for patients who aren’t candidates for shots. Most patients take allergy drops each day for three years.

What are the advantages of allergy drops?

Aside from the benefits of being able to treat more patients, including children, asthmatics and others who aren’t able to tolerate shots, there are other advantages to allergy drops.

Lower cost, fewer clinic visits.
Compared to shots, allergy drops cost less and require fewer clinic visits. Most patients receiving allergy drops need only a few clinic visits the first year, and once every 6 months thereafter until visits are no longer needed.
More convenient, fewer medications.
You can take allergy drops at home or wherever you need to me, making it much easier to stick with treatment. And many patients find they need less medication to control symptoms after beginning allergy drops.
More healthy days.
The end benefit is simply feeling better. Our patients typically report fewer doctor office visits, as well as less time lost from work and school, after taking their drops consistently.

Who can benefit from allergy drops?

Although most people who suffer from allergies and related illnesses can benefit form allergy drops, many people aren’t aware it’s an option. For those whose allergies prevent them from living a full, productive life, allergy drops provide an effective, safe and cost effective option. Not only does this benefit patients who can’t tolerate or don’t respond to shots or other therapies, it provides tremendous benefits to employers and our entire healthcare system.

Are allergy drops safe and effective?

Allergy drops have been used around the world for more than 60 years, and many studies show that allergy drops are safe and effective. Dosing levels and the route of administration are safe enough to effectively treat infants, children, and people suffering from chronic conditions that previously made them unable to receive immunotherapy via shots.

In fact, the World Health Organization had endorsed sublingual immunotherapy as a viable alternative to injection therapy.

The well-respected Cochrane Collaboration, the world’s most-trusted international organization dedicated to reviewing healthcare treatments, recently concluded that allergy drop immunotherapy significantly reduced allergy symptoms and use of allergy medications.

The safety profile for sublingual immunotherapy is superior to injection immunotherapy based on research studies and patient treatment experience. Systematic reactions occur 3 times less with sublingual, and there has never been any anaphylactic reactions (life threatening) recorded over the 30+ years of sublingual treatment.

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